Design engineering

Design engineering

The leading company of the group PROJEKT, one of the most important designing companies in Slovenia, is qualified for the designing of various types of buildings, such as:

  • residential buildings,
  • business buildings,
  • tourist buildings (hotels, apartments),
  • cultural heritage buildings,
  • industrial plants (industrial halls, car-wash services, petrol stations, car repair services, technical vehicle inspection premises),
  • sports buildings (swimming pools, gymnasiums, sports stands, cable railways),
  • public buildings (border crossings, health care centres, cultural centres, libraries),
  • shopping centres,
  • ecological plants (waste water treatment plants, sewer systems, wastes management plants),
  • infrastructure facilities (roads, motorways, tunnels, bridges, railways, gas pipelines, water conduits, overhead power lines, transformer stations),
  • parking places for motor vehicles.

The project teams are divided into departments, and that:
  • department for geodesy,
  • department for urban planning,
  • department for architecture,
  • department for civil engineering,
  • department for building constructions,
  • department for mechanical installations,
  • department for electrical installations,
  • department for the elaboration of environmental impact assessments, and other related studies and analyses.

In addition to these departments the organization foresees the separate teams for the acquisition of consents and permits, buying of landed properties and conclusion of easement contracts.